Boot Camp Expert

Richard Clarke - Boot Camp Expert

Meet our resident boot camp expert Richard Clarke, a fully qualified and experienced personal trainer and boot camp instructor.

Richard has a BSc. (Hons) in Applied Sports Science and has been running successful boot camps since 2002. He is currently involved with running the following boot camps...

Richard has also set up via consultancy, “Life Health & Fitness Clubs” boot camp, which runs successfully with in-house staff making the club £5k plus per annum with only 15 customers per course.

Richard has also previously run boot camps, group exercise training camps and courses for...

Give Richard a call on 07866 688128 to see how he can help you set up your boot camp and make sure it’s a success. He won’t bite and you will get the chance to pick his brains and get some good advice. E-mail:

Richard Clarke
Advanced Sports Performance