Who are boot camps not suitable for? by Richard Clarke

Is starting a boot camp programme a suitable and sensible option for you? Before making any rash decisions, make sure that you're not going to end up wasting your time and money, possibly getting injured in the process. This is really important if you are considering attending one of the many boot camps available today.

Group boot camps, in my opinion, are not suitable for anyone who has no previous exercise experience or has not exercised in the last 12-18 months, simply because you will find it difficult to complete the course. 3-6 weeks of early mornings and eating healthily is a massive shock to the system, and many people's immune systems get weakened, resulting in illness, or even pick up injuries. Some boot camps are also Military style; this will involve outdoors, mud and lots of shouting, again a bit scary if you are not suitable to start with. Great if you like that sort of thing.

Boot Camps are NOT suitable for anyone who:

My boot camp company would not accept anyone who is not suitable, but I have heard other boot camps which choose not to even screen their clients for health and physical problems before they start, then have them lifting beer barrels and within 30 minutes they were vomiting, not my idea of a good boot camp workout!

To get accepted onto the better boot camps you will be asked if you can run/walk a mile in around 15 minutes. This provides a good indicator of your general fitness to the organiser. Also, if the boot camp is designed well, it will accommodate the group it is designed for. Weight loss boot camps would be different and may allow lower levels of entry compared to, for example, a Soccer Boot Camp. This is because people who want to lose weight generally will have challenges with high impact work whereas a soccer player would not.

It is recommended that you should always have an assessment from a qualified instructor before you start any boot camp.

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Richard Clarke is a fully qualified and experienced personal trainer and boot camp instructor.
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